Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am taking a quilt class that my good friend, Julie Isa, teaches every other Friday night.  It is fun to get together with a bunch of quilters and make something beautiful from cut up fabric pieces.  We are going to make some of the most awesome quilts this year and I am so excited about the quilt patterns she has selected. This SPOOL QUILT pattern is the first of the year.  I chose to do mine smaller than the pattern so I could use it as a wall hanging in my sewing room and hang it above my cutting table.  I love looking at it while I'm cutting up fabric.  The thread area of the spools is from a charm pack called Wiscasset by Moda.  I loved all the fabrics. I'm going to make a table runner from the extras. To me, quilts are artwork and should be enjoyed and cherished either while your sleeping, sewing, or whatever you are doing.


  1. Another awesome project by Sharyn. I love it. I'm sure it is a great addition to your sewing room and will be enjoyed by many, most especially you. Good job! : )

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