Wednesday, October 21, 2009


 Well - the BIG PROJECT QUILT I blogged about a few months ago is done. And, it is beyond beautiful. The pattern is called "Tag Sale". I used Moda Fabrics, many of which were designed by "Three Sisters." There are over 1,100 pieces in this quilt and no two squares are the same. Each was stitched together piece by piece and I loved every moment of it. There are 110 squares and a special thank you to Trina who complete about 30 of the 9 patch squares . I love this pattern and I loved making it. I created a label for the back on my computer. I will make a post on labels separately, but it turned out great too.  The monogram pillow was pieced by Trina and Sharla made the 9 patch pillows for completed awesome look.  Happy Birthday MOM!!