Thursday, August 27, 2009


I try not to post too many pictures - but I couldn't resist showing you this adorable custom ordered crib set I just finished. I was given the vintage style cowboy print and then added the faded washed yellow dot and soft blue cotton that has a denim look. I cut the squares from the fabric of the cowboy print in 6" squares and then organized the fabric on the point. This is not as hard as it looks and very fun. The back of the quilt is soft minky fabric in cream as well as one side of the bumper pads. Quilt is quilted around the squares making a diamond pattern on the reverse side. I added the prairie point trim to the bumpers which ties in with the rick rack when it is inserted into the blue band so you only see half of it. In addition to the quilt and bumper pads, this set includes 4 valances which are lined, the crib dust ruffle with a center pleat - both with the blue band and two pillows. Trina, my daughter, does embroidery and she found this adorable font that has fence posts for the letters and a horseshoe for the U. So cute.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love yoga. I have been going to class now for a few years and I'm always trying to get Brian to go with me. He has a lot of shoulder pain and I'm convinced that it would help. When I started I couldn't raise my left arm all the way due to a skiing injury. Now I have no problem at all. In fact - we did side crow in class last night. Very awsome. FINALLY - last week Brian came to class and sure enough - he admitted the next day he felt better. Grabbing the moment, I bought him a new charcoal (manly colored) Nike yoga mat and then happily made him this Yoga bag. I've made lots of these for "girls". and used faux leather which looks really good. But for this one I used black corduroy. I put a good size pocket on the outside to hold his car key and gym pass - even a water bottle will fit. The bag is roomy enough for a strap or towel to fit in too. The mat came with a string around it so I just used that. It looks really good and makes life easier - even for the muscle man. Not bad for only $2.50.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here is a sneak peak at the first 3 rows of a king size custom quilt that will have over 1100 pieces. The colors are soft pastel shades of pink, cream, blue and green. In the true spirit of quilting - each piece was cut and sewn together individually - with each square being unique. No duplicate squares. All the squares are now sewn and I am piecing them together to form the top. Next up will be the borders. I will post more photos as I get more done.


Jayne is a USC fan - she can sing the songs and yell the chants. She even knows when to yell TOUCH DOWN! She especially loves to go to games and see the USC horse. She is so cute. Needing a new outfit for the upcoming game she will be attending, of course - I made her this jumper and bought new red Converse shoes to match.

This jumper was fun to make. Instead of using a facing I just cut out the same pieces in a gold fabric and lined it which gave the dress a nice weight and clean lines. I put in an invisible zipper and made 10 matching button holes across the front to weave the ribbon in out out. This pattern brand is sold at Wal-Mart for only around $3.50.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The iced mocha quilt is now complete and on my bed. This fabric collection is what inspired me to start quilting again. I loved it at first sight. After much contemplation, I made the commitment and bought the fabric. First I cut all the strips and Trina helped sew the blocks which was a blast. Then, I gave it to my good friend Julie Isa who did the machine quilting on her long arm. She did such a good job. I picked it up last night and then stayed up late working on the binding and finished early this morning. I washed and dried it in my front load machine and it turned out so beautiful. It puffed up around all the quilting and I love it. I've given away most of my handiwork. Not this one. Now and forever - my inspiration quilt.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to school BAG!

Taryn is going to HIGH SCHOOL! I can't believe it. Now that they have lockers to hold books, she wanted a bag to carry all of her other things..... I took her to the fabric store and what did she pick? Yes, the $20 a yard fabric (the blue). Luckily, I had a coupon and only need 1/4 of a yard. We added grey and burgundy fabic for contrast with satin lining and cell phone pocket inside. She loves it. Now she wants a brown one and a green one. Need to match the outfits I guess.

And More BAGS!

I will be teaching a bag class to teen age girls the end of the month. I asked and found out what size and shape they liked and the HOLD EVERYTHING TEEN TOTE turned out so very cute. They can use any kind of fabric they like from corduroy to velvet or denim or tapestry. I can't wait to see what fabrics they bring to the class. This is 24 x 13 inch after you pieced the stripes together. Cut the lining the same size. The handle is long - about 38 inches and 5 1/2 inch wide - fold in half, sew, and flip. Gather on an oval shaped bottom so it holds the barrel shape. The lining has no round bottom so just sew straight across leaving a hole to pull it through. Sew the lining and outside together with right sides together across the top (go over it twice to hold the handles on really well ) and then reach into the lining hole and pull it through. Always PRESS EVERYTHING WELL. Sew the hole closed in the lining bottom and top stitch if you want.


I've always wanted to design bags - maybe someday when I have more time. Yeah, right. My first sewing project back in Jr. High was a bag. I still remember it was from dark green corduroy. Bags make life so much easier. This big market bag is so handy for shopping, going to the beach or park or traveling. It holds EVERYTHING - all the beach towels or sweat shirts and is cute. It also wash perfectly and folds up small to keep in the car. This is the extra large market bag in a soil resistant canvas stripe (didn't see the USC colors until I got home) and lined with the cream fabric from the smocked dress. It has split pockets on the outside and inside.

Easy smocked Dresses

Taryn wanted a beach cover up. My sister Sharla had seen an easy smocked dress on Martha Stewart so I went to the website and downloaded the instructions, bought the elastic thread and started sewing. I was amazed how fun it was. After finishing Taryn's dress I thought it was so cute that I made a bunch more. It only takes an hour or so. You can change it up by adding pin tucks on the bottom, or a ruffle, or different size straps. Love it! This pic of Taryn is actually from the background of another picture. We are on the lake going fast - and her dress is blowing in the wind. Funny.

Taryn's first quilt

Taryn wanted to make her first quilt this summer. We decided to make it for Sister Jones and her new baby boy, Henry. This is a simple rag quilt. We chose flannel because it frays well. We cut the flannel into 8 inch squares and the warm and natural batting into 6 1/2 inch squares. She sandwiched the two flannels with a batting centered in the middle and sewed and X from corner to corner to hold it secure. After all the squares were sandwiched together she just sewed the rows together using a 3/4 inch seam allowance. Then sew another stitch around the entire quilt edge. Then clip all the seams about 1/4 inch apart and trim off all your threads. Throw it in the washer and dryer and WOW - it curls up and turns into this adorable soft cute baby throw. I made one for my brother in chocolate brown so yes, adults love it too.