Thursday, August 27, 2009


I try not to post too many pictures - but I couldn't resist showing you this adorable custom ordered crib set I just finished. I was given the vintage style cowboy print and then added the faded washed yellow dot and soft blue cotton that has a denim look. I cut the squares from the fabric of the cowboy print in 6" squares and then organized the fabric on the point. This is not as hard as it looks and very fun. The back of the quilt is soft minky fabric in cream as well as one side of the bumper pads. Quilt is quilted around the squares making a diamond pattern on the reverse side. I added the prairie point trim to the bumpers which ties in with the rick rack when it is inserted into the blue band so you only see half of it. In addition to the quilt and bumper pads, this set includes 4 valances which are lined, the crib dust ruffle with a center pleat - both with the blue band and two pillows. Trina, my daughter, does embroidery and she found this adorable font that has fence posts for the letters and a horseshoe for the U. So cute.


  1. I've always known you were a pro, but this truly is amazing. You have taken cute fabric and made it into a truly amazing nursery set that is so unique and appealing. I'm in awe. You need to find a way to blast this to everyone you know so they can see you are in business! Soon you'll have more work than you can handle! Just be sure to charge enough to make your time worth it!

    Good job! You're the B-E-S-T!!!!! (in all ways!) : )

  2. Wow. Awesome! Put me to shame! :-)