Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love yoga. I have been going to class now for a few years and I'm always trying to get Brian to go with me. He has a lot of shoulder pain and I'm convinced that it would help. When I started I couldn't raise my left arm all the way due to a skiing injury. Now I have no problem at all. In fact - we did side crow in class last night. Very awsome. FINALLY - last week Brian came to class and sure enough - he admitted the next day he felt better. Grabbing the moment, I bought him a new charcoal (manly colored) Nike yoga mat and then happily made him this Yoga bag. I've made lots of these for "girls". and used faux leather which looks really good. But for this one I used black corduroy. I put a good size pocket on the outside to hold his car key and gym pass - even a water bottle will fit. The bag is roomy enough for a strap or towel to fit in too. The mat came with a string around it so I just used that. It looks really good and makes life easier - even for the muscle man. Not bad for only $2.50.

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  1. What a hunk! Great bag mom! I want one with a big zipper side pouch too :-)