Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Custom Orders

I've been doing a lot of custom orders (in my spare time - 5:00am - and yes I am busy selling real estate) and here are two. The first was an adorable baby set of 2 crib sheets, 2 window valances, 2 pillow cases (one with piping I made from the coordinating fabric) and a pleated crib skirt. The picture just shows how I assembled it for delivery - and how cute the fabric is. The fabric was by Moda and is called Pacific Paisley and Mermaid tail. She had already bought the quilt and needed the matching items. It was so fun to make. The second was a little challenging due to the size and weight. The four drapes were purchased from West Elm and were 96" long made from silk. I added a full blackout liner by cutting it to fit, hemming the two sides and the bottom and then removing the header stitch (where the rod goes through) and sliding the liner up under it. I then replaced the header stitch. It turned out great. The picture shows the back side so you can see the liner material.

Smocked Sundress

Ruffles are so cute. I added two rows of top-stitched double ruffling to this super comfortable and unique dress inspired by Heather. Thank you Heather. It looks adorable. I decided this dress had to have a matching bag so I used a soft microfiber quilted fabric with the matching dress fabric. This is not hard to do. If you would like to try it go to this website and watch the tutorial. If you need additional help, just email me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shanna Bag

This is a unique custom bag made from a leg of quicksilver old jeans, 1/4 yd of striped corduroy and 1/2 yard of charcoal corduroy. It has a zipper closure and two jean pockets inside. I started with 4" squares of the jean and striped material and sewed it together like a quilt - 4 squares across and 6 down. I then sewed on a charcoal band on each side so it would line up with the single handle. I lined it with the corduroy and added a wide jean pocket split 60/40. Shanna wanted the bag a little wider but not too deep so things won't get lost in the bottom. Sounds like a good plan. Love the way it turned out. All machine washable and should wear well for years!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tote Bag Class

Here is one of the finished bags from the teen tote bag class I taught recently. It is reversible so the pictures show both sides. The girls were told to bring 1/2 yard of two fabrics plus whatever they wanted to add to personalize it. Maria brought a pair of old jeans. So, we removed the LEVI tag and sewed it to one side, used the one leg to make the handles and the other to make a large 8" pocket and then sewed the small coin pocket from the jeans on top of it. We then sewed a seam to split the pocket for a pen holder. Then we used one of the rear pockets for a small cell phone pocket on the other side. How cute is this? So, cute. Because it is completely reversible with pockets on both sides - it is equally cute whichever way chooses to wear it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Sharla Bag

I've had so much fun making bags this week. Ever since Trina asked me to make some for her craft fair (she has two in October) I've been dreaming up new ideas and modifications. Every bag is uniquie. I started naming them after the people who inspire me. My sister Sharla's birthday is in a few days, so I made this design per her specifications along with a cute summer smocked dress to match. I even made an attached coin purse with zipper. Her additions were the micro fiber quilted bottom and Hawaiian fabric she bought 2 years ago while on vacation. She also wanted it big enough to fit a couple diapers, wipes, sunglasses, munchies and a water bottle. She also wanted it to have an enclosure at the top and a comfortable long strap that can be worn across the chest while shopping with the baby. Here it is - the Sharla bag.