Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shanna Bag

This is a unique custom bag made from a leg of quicksilver old jeans, 1/4 yd of striped corduroy and 1/2 yard of charcoal corduroy. It has a zipper closure and two jean pockets inside. I started with 4" squares of the jean and striped material and sewed it together like a quilt - 4 squares across and 6 down. I then sewed on a charcoal band on each side so it would line up with the single handle. I lined it with the corduroy and added a wide jean pocket split 60/40. Shanna wanted the bag a little wider but not too deep so things won't get lost in the bottom. Sounds like a good plan. Love the way it turned out. All machine washable and should wear well for years!

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